Now you can transform ANY boring site into 
an animated ATTENTION-Grabber
Get Your Traffic to Stick Around, 
Pay Attention & Purchase...
ClickAnimate Makes ANY Webpage Animated & Engaging in Seconds 
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Top Entrepreneurs Use Click Animate to Make 
Every Single Click More Likely to Convert 
Mark Thompson
Co-Founder of DigitalKickstart 
"Website branding and engagement has been a massive part in helping me to build a 8 figure online business. With Click Animate, you have a great tool you can use to add incredible animations and effects to really get your traffic to stick and pay attention to what you have to sell. Great tool guys!"
"If your website is older than six months - it is time to freshen it up! ClickAnimate is a crazy simple way to freshen your website and capture the attention of your visitors like never before. No lengthy site rebuild required - just use the ClickAnimate Chrome extension and add eye-popping effects and animations to any website in just a few minutes. Fast, easy, affordable and it works - what else could you ask for?"
Miles Austin
Founder of
Your Traffic Isn’t Going to Stick Around Unless You 
Capture their Attention Immediately
Hi There,

Having sold over 80,000+ products online - I can tell you this:
Engagement and attention span are what determine your conversion rate. Period. 

After your traffic and product, engagement is all that matters.  

You’ve done all your research. 

You know your audience. 

And you have something they need and want deep down.


…your traffic isn’t going to stick around unless you can engage with 
them and KEEP them on your site.   
You already have the formula down...
Step 1 
Targeted Visitors Who Need 
Your Offer (Clicks)
Step 2
Offer You Know Your Traffic 
Needs (Your Product)
Step 3
Keep Them There Until they 
Realise It (Conversions)
Your #1 Sales Increaser = Engagement.
Even if you have the greatest “can’t refuse” offer in the world, 
you have an absolute SPLIT SECOND 
before someone clicks away and you lose your traffic. 

People don’t like to read unless their eyes catch what they are interested in right away. 
It doesn’t matter if it’s right there, written in big red letters…

…if your site doesn’t STAND OUT and engage them, they are going to close 
the window without even reading a headline or clicking on a VSL. 

 This is exactly why we developed ClickAnimate. 

 When you animate key elements of your site – hooks, headlines, call to action 
 statements, proof, and more – conversion rates increase because your traffic 
 sticks around to see what you have.  
Instantly Increase Your Conversions by Getting Eyeballs to the Elements of Your Pages that Matter Most…
ClickAnimate Works with EVERY Web Site, 
eCommerce, Landing Page, & Funnel Builder 
Check out ClickAnimate in Action
Quickly & Easily Make ANY Element on Your Page
Animated, Dynamic, & Attention-Grabbing
In 4 simple steps OR just 41 seconds to be exact...
Get Your License & Install the 
Google Chrome Browser Plugin
All you have to do is get your ClickAnimate license and install it Google Chrome Browser Plugin. Over-the-shoulder  instructions included. Now you can make any element on any site dynamic and eye catching. 
Copy and Paste a Single Line of 
Code to Your Site’s Header
This part is like installing a Facebook tracking pixel. You drop a ClickAnimate Javascript code in the header of your site. This code “talks” to the ClickAnimate plugin and lets you animate anything with drop-down menus right in your browser. No coding needed. 
Click ANY Element on Your Site 
and Select an Animation
With the plugin enabled, you can click on ANY element of your site and choose from one of 50+ animations. Create hooks or headlines that stand out, make images move or animate call to actions to increase conversions.
Complete Animation Control Adjustments
Use point-and-click controls to add delayed effects, timed animations, and more! No need to hire an expensive developer to delay a buy button so it shows at just the right moment or make the problem you solve stand out. 
Here’s What You Get with Your 
ClickAnimate License
Click Animate
Get the ClickAnimate plugin that works with Google Chrome on Mac or Windows. Now you can add animations to ANY site!
Over 50+ Animations
Add dynamic animations from a library of 50+ unique eye-catching animations that work on ANY element on your page. 
Full Timing, Delay & 
Engagement Control
Get the ClickAnimate plugin that works with Google Chrome on Mac or Windows. Now you can add animations to ANY site!
ClickAnimate Activation Pixel
Drop this little line of code into any website – no matter which platform it’s built with – and you can make any element dynamic. 
Works with ALL Sites & Page Builders
Don’t switch your theme, page builder, or eCommerce platform! Click Animate works with EVERY site, platform & builder. 
100% Mobile Responsive
Your new animations will look amazing on all devices – mobile, desktop, Apple and Windows. They increase engagement everywhere. 
Get Access to ClickAnimate, Keep People On the Page, 
and Immediately Boost Your Conversions
If you have an offer your traffic needs, the ONLY way to increase 
sales is to GET them to pay attention. 

ClickAnimate gets people to pay attention.
No expensive Conversion Rate Optimization required.
No web developers.
No new headlines, new copy, no new hooks, new images.
No new offers or lead magnets.
No extra time or money wasted.
Just add dynamic elements like delayed buy buttons & eye-catching headlines and ‘can’t 
miss’ images with a few quick clicks. People will stay longer. More of them will convert.
Think about it… the only reason you’re reading this 
sentence is because I animated it. 
But, if you’re a marketer who is STILL reading this and deciding if you 
need ClickAnimate for your site, you needed to read that sentence to understand 
the power of ClickAnimate… 

 You can create the very same “I need this” feeling, provide a hook in just 
the right place,  or make a button pop up at the exact moment it’s time to ask for 
a sale (especially helpful with VSLs).   
Choose the ClickAnimate License that’s Right 
for You & Get Immediate Risk-Free Access
10 Site License

$ 17

One-time payment ONLY. 
No recurring fees!
  •    Click Animate Chrome Plugin
  •    Install on up to 10 sites ONLY
  •    Over 50+ animations
  •    Mobile Responsive
  •    Compatible with ALL websites
       & page builders
  •    24/7 Customer support
500 Site License

$ 27

One-time payment ONLY. 
No recurring fees!
  •    Click Animate Chrome Plugin
  •    Install on UNLIMITED sites
  •    Over 50+ animations
  •    Mobile Responsive
  •    Compatible with ALL websites 
       & page builders
  •    24/7 Customer support
You Are Seconds Away From Saving Thousands Of Dollars In 
Unnecessary Contractor Or Software Fees
“A/B Split-Test It”
Try ClickAnimate Now 100% Risk Free
If you already have a landing page, product, or funnel and even the smallest 
amount of traffic is running to it (or even if you’re just thinking of launching a product, hacking 
a funnel, or putting an opt-in form out there and you need to stand out) …

…I’d like to invite you to run try ClickAnimate. Use it for 30 days. 
Split test with and without it. 

See what it does to your conversion rate and time on site. Try it out and get all of 
your money back if ClickAnimate doesn’t work for you.  

Start using ClickAnimate today and watch on-site time, engagement, and 
conversion rates soar. Guaranteed. 
Get Click Animate Now
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"Website engagement is everything online and that's why I love Click Animate. The animations and effects you can add on your sites really help with the branding and to make your website's look like they've been programmed by a big company like Apple. Highly recommended for every website owner!"
Sam Bakker
Co-Founder of JVzoo Academy
Xavier Vauluisant
VX Productions
"Sometimes, something different suddenly shows up... And I must admit Click Animate is just that. I've been struggling in the past to get my traffic to remain on my pages long enough to discover what I had to offer… And the good news is "This is now fixed"! Thanks to Click Animate…"
"It’s amazing the way Click Animate works on any website to grab the visitor’s attention! I find it super clever and easy to use, no matter the page creator you’re using. No doubt it’s going to be a revolutionary system that will increase conversions for many people who use static page creators."
Benet M. Marcos
CEO of Socialancer
Ray "the video guy" Lane
YouTube expert & video 
"Makes my website's look really professional... And really helps them to come alive"
Frequently Asked Questions
What Elements Should I Animate?
One trick that works wonders for me – if you’re “hooking” traffic with a Video Sales Letter (VSL) and your traffic doesn’t know they are being sold yet, you can use an animation to delay the buy button under the VSL. Delaying that buy button will help the VSL hold attention longer. Pop the buy button up at just the right moment – right after the hook and when you start talking product and conversions go crazy. 
Good Idea! What Else Do I Animate?
Headlines, hooks, call to action statements, guarantees and other “get them over the fence” statements you make, images, proof screen shots – don’t go overboard, but make sure you get dynamic with the words, images, and buttons that matter. Time them right, delay them properly, make it tasteful and you’ll look (and convert) like a pro.
Do You Show Me How to Use it?
Sure do. This is guaranteed so I want you to succeed. Follow-along instructions are included.
How “Easy” is it Really?
All you have to do is copy and paste a little one-line piece of code into the header of your site and download a browser plugin. It takes less than 3 minutes to get set up. From there, it’s all point, drag, and click. Plus – instructions are provided. Even the complete tech illiterate can do it in under 5 minutes. 
Does it Really Work on EVERY Site?
Yes. If it’s your site and you can access the HTML (header info) ClickAnimate will work. Wordpress, all WordPress themes, ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Unbounce, Shopify – you name it, ClickAnimate works.
Mac or PC?
Because ClickAnimate is a browser plugin for Google Chrome it works with either. You just need to download Google Chrome and use Chrome while adding animations. Chrome is FREE. 
Ready to get started dude?
Click here to choose your license and get started creating mind-blowing animations
for ALL your websites & funnels with just a few clicks!
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